Support for Ukrainian culture

Dear Sir or Madam,
Ukrainian culture is also the culture of the European peoples who lived in Ukraine at different
times and created it side by side with Ukrainians. The Russian army continues to ruthlessly
destroy our culture. According to preliminary estimates, more than 500 different monuments and
cultural objects were partially damaged or completely destroyed as a result of this war.
Today we fight not only on a military front, thanks to which Ukraine survived, but also on
informational, diplomatic, educational, and cultural fronts. We are grateful to all who are
fighting with us. Many Ukrainian actors, artists, writers and other representatives of the cultural
community have taken up arms and are defending our Motherland. Hundreds of independent
cultural figures transmit and broadcast this war in their art works. Each of us is fighting for a
common victory.
Therefore, we still continue to ask for support for Ukrainian culture.
Our goals:
 to support Ukrainian cultural workers and artists (in the format of a scholarship);
 to support cultural projects aimed at restoration of cultural heritage and promoting
Ukrainian culture abroad (in the format of a grant);
 to support the Ukrainian media.
We invite you to become an ambassador and an information partner of the fundraising campaign.
What you can do:

  1. Place our support banner on your information resource (website, social media pages).
    You can download the appropriate format of the banner here.
  2. Place a printed poster in your institution or an event venue to attract public attention. You
    can download the appropriate format of the poster here.
  3. Support us financially by making a donation here
  4. Share information about the fundraising campaign through your communication
    We would be grateful for your help and efforts. The funds raised will be transferred to the
    account of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. We believe that only together we may achieve a
    strategic goal and not only support Ukrainian culture, but also contribute to our common victory
    over the Russian aggressor.

Yours sincerely,
Project team
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